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The Future for Small Abattoirs in the UK

National Craft Butchers (NCB) welcomes the publication of the All Party Animal Welfare Group (APAWG) - The Future for Small Abattoirs in the UK an inquiry into small red meat abattoir provision and recommendations identifying the necessity for immediate financial support, operational and technical reform, investigation into competition practices, support for training and better industry wide co-operation to achieve efficiencies at all levels within the sector. As well as a recommendation for setting up an Abattoir Sector Group.

NCB Policy Director William Lloyd Williams MBE says, "The report recognises the added value and benefits small abattoirs provide for producers, rural communities, national and local supply chains and animal welfare. While strengthening the case for Government financial support for a sector essential to provide consumers with both choice and future food security"!

Working with the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) in the Campaign for Local Abattoirs (CLA), NCB says the report is the result of many months of consultations, parliamentary interviews, and onsite visits. Heavily involving politicians of all parties and both Houses of Parliament, Government officials and NCB trade representatives furnishing the APAWG with evidence.

Acclaimed by farmers and producers, processors and manufacturers, the report is being viewed and received by the sector as the most significant in years. Outlining the financial and operational difficulties that small abattoir operators face to survive in producing natural, ecological sustainable and nutritious meat for a growing market of modern consumers, where one size and one service does not always fit all!

NCB President Tony Luckhurst says "Legislation Director John Mettrick alongside Policy Director Wil Lloyd Williams supported by NCB Technical Manager Richards Stevenson. Should be thanked for the time and hard work they put into gathering and submitting evidence on behalf of members over many months. As well as congratulated for their part in achieving important recommendations in the report".

While NCB Legislation Director John Mettrick concludes; “The matter is by no means finished as the CLA continues to fight to get an amendment in the House of Lords to the Agriculture Bill and get slaughtering treated as an ancillary benefit. Which with a report recommendation for an Abattoir Sector Group for ministers to consult can prove pivotal for survival in the sector”!